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Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. The State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection requires that a licensed Radon Measurement Technician perform any radon-screening test conducted for the sale of real estate. Testing devices must be placed and removed by a licensed radon measurement technician.  I am qualified to perform this test. 


Testing is highly recommend...the peace of mind far outweighs the cost.​ Radon can exist in one home at high levels and then be measured at low levels at the house next door. You shouldn't rely on what neighboring houses on the block have tested at. 


NJ Radon Map

A radon test is performed using a charcoal canister that is left in the residence for at least 48. The canister is then collected by the Measurement Technician and sent to a lab for analysis. Results on the level of radon will then be supplied to the client. 

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